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Reset SGTL5000

Question asked by Erik Friesen on Feb 2, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2016 by Erik Friesen

I built a board that uses an embeddedarm ts4900 which uses the mcimx6s7cvm08ab.  Audio is handled by the sgtl5000 codec.  Linux version is linux-3.10.17-imx6 per an embeddedarm build.


I find that certain happenings to the board are causing the codec to reset I believe, and once reset there is no way known to me to revive this without a reboot.  The codec quits producing any clocking per scope.  The RiotBoards I have used as well also do similar.  On the riotboard, only a power cycle brings it back.


Questions I have are:


#1.  Could the sgtl5000 errata related to this?


#2. Could it be possible that an external 1.8 vddd would be superior to the ldo in this matter?


#3. Is there any way to fully re initialize the codec from any known alsa, or other userspace command?


#4. Why is <= rev 0x11 of any count in the newer kernels?  Is there some reason why there is a conflict between the kernel and the errata?