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Interrupt from VBUSVALID on i.mx28

Question asked by Asmus Hansen on Feb 2, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2016 by Asmus Hansen

I'm running a vanilla linux kernel(4.1.13) on the i.mx28 and i would like to add battery backup to my system. When i disconnect the 5V supply, the PMU is using the battery to supply the processor.


When i reconnect the 5V nothing happens. I would like to enable the VBUSVALID interrupt, such that i can start the DC DC converter from the IRQ routine, and log the event. I have written a kernel module which should handle this.


In the PMU application node section the process of enabling the interrupt is described. I do this in the initialization of the kernel module, and when i try to generate my interrupt, either by reconnecting the 5V supply or generating a software interrupt by writing a 1 to the HW_ICOLL_INTERRUPT6[SOFTIRQ] i get the following message on my debugger: unexpected IRQ trap at vector 00.

After this linux halts and restarts.


I suspect that i have overlooked something in the setup of the interrupt.