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CW Access Paths & function calls

Question asked by Tim Ahrens on Feb 14, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2008 by Tim Ahrens
Hi all,
I am incorporating a commercial software package into my project,
and there are over 45 files located in a ...\project\Sources\common
directory.  In these files lie most of the functions that do the 'real' work.
To be able to call one of these functions, do I actually have to have
all of the files open under the 'sources' window in Code Warrior, or
is there a way to get the compiler/linker to actually search within
each of these files for the function? 
The directory (common) is setup as one of the paths in the Standard
Settings/Access Paths.
Since I'm pretty new to doing C things, I figure there might be a way
to do this without putting all of the files open in 'sources'.
(also i think that the eval version of CW only lets you have 30 files
open anyway).