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CAN we use code written for MK22FN512VLH12 on MK22FN1MVLH12

Question asked by sudhanshu mehta on Feb 1, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2016 by sudhanshu mehta

Hi Team,


I have purchased FRDM-K22 Board having MK22FN512VLH12  controller on it.

I am developing some demo application for my project on this controller.


Now our team has decided to change microcontroller  MK22FN1MVLH12.


My question is can I program MK22FN1MVLH12 using the application I am developing for MK22FN512VLH12.

Of course I will change the microcontroller number in debug configuration.


In-case I will not be able to do so, Please suggest some way and provide some documentation.