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imx6 cpu tap not found in jtag chain

Question asked by Alberto Lubeiro on Feb 1, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2016 by Diana Torres

Hi all,


I'm trying to connect via JTAG to the MCIMX6UL-EVK with "J-link base" from Segger.

First of all i have removed R1407, R1431~R1434 because JTAG is dedicated with Audio CODEC signals. This is said in Hardware User's guide, page 14.

I have also removed R507 so the JTAG interface is configured to a mode compliant with the IEEE 1149.1 standard, (IMX6ULHDG.pdf)


So at this point, i try to connect with no success.

Please, find attached 2 screen captures. One picture with R507 placed (just in case) and another one without it.


Check this out and any help will be appreciated.

In device options, i don't see any IMX6.

Though in the screen captures is shown ARM7 as device option, i have tried with cortex-A7 with same results.


Thanks and best regards