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MC33816 programming

Question asked by Ricardo Vaz on Jan 31, 2016



I am currently working on a project to use the MC33816 driver to control the solenoids of an AMT.


For the meantime, I'm trying to establish a simple connection with an Arduino Uno board just to learn about its SPI communication and check its basic functions. However, when I try to check the driver's responses to the write commands I'm sending, or even when I try to read the contents of any address I previously recorded with a specific value, the result is 0.


The driver's connections I'm using are the following:


4 SPI pins connected straight to the Arduino SPI.

ResetB pin connected to the 3V3 pin of the Arduino

VCC5 pin connected to the 5V pin of the Arduino

AGND and DGND pins connected together to the Arduino GND pin.


I did not connect the VBATT and the exposed pad pins, because I believe they are not necessary at this phase of my experiments. Also, I do not have an external clock linked to the driver.


Could you please help me finding out what may be the problem?


Thank you,