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X T-2080 QDS Board vs. fsl_t2080_qds in vxWorks 6.9 BSP

Question asked by Daeil Kang on Feb 1, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2016 by Pavel Chubakov

Dear All


I want to use fsl_t2080_qds BSP in the vxWorks 6.9 version with X T-2080 QDS board without any modification.

The board says the below information.

SCH-28012 REV A4

700-28012 REV A



The vxWorks 6.9 BSP says the below information.

SCH-28012 REV A3

700-28012 Rev X6

Freescale XT2080QDS


I programmed the default bootrom into X-T2080-QDS board.

But it doesn not work, I could see nothing on the serial terminal.


Can I use this vxWorks 6.9 BSP with this QDS board?


If no, please let me know which part is different between QDS board and this vxWorks BSP.


Thanks in advance