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question about P2020 U-boot TLB setting

Question asked by hyoung kim on Feb 2, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2016 by hyoung kim

i have a difficult time to configure u-boot  to a new board

( i am not  good at english ^^)

i am porting u-boot to a new board which is based on P2020RDB-PC


the board has MRAM device and external uart chips which was connected to eLBC

i configured LAWS and related registers

but i have no clue about TLB

in u-boot   there is a tlb.c in  P2020RDB board related files

and in that file   tbl_table is defined


is this necessary to include new device into that table ?

if so, how ?

just  copy one entry to new one and  modify just address ?

and what about kernel  ?  where do i configure TLB ?

thanks in advnace