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FXOS8700 PL interrupt sometimes does not clear

Question asked by Roberto Gomes on Jan 31, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2016 by Anthony Duhamel

I've worked in a project based on STM32 and FXOS8700.


Some information:

I2C @400kHz

auto-sleep enable (but not interrupt)

Hybrid mode

Just int_en_lndprt is enable in CTRL_REG4 and  int_cfg_lndprt in CTRL_REG5



The sensor is set to generate interrupt (INT1) when orientation is changed. In interrupt code I read  PL_STATUS and I can check which (Portait/Landscape/front/back) movement happened.

However, sometimes after read PL_STATUS the pin INT1 is not clear. As this interrupt can not be "unlatched" like freefall or vectormag interrupt, when this happens I can not restore the idle state anymore.


Anybody used this function and worked well?