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Programming to LS1021A-TWR NOR flash & updating ram disk image with flashcp?

Question asked by Dat Ho on Jan 29, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2016 by Dat Ho

I'm looking for a way to store big amounts of data onto the NOR flash (~214 Mb). I'm not familiar the process for programming the NOR flash through a Linux application as a root user. I'm also looking for a way to update a ram disk image with a Linux script command like flashcp, or programmatically through a Linux application. I am already familiar with the process for programming the ram disk image through u-boot.


I get the ramdisk image onto my board with tftp as root. According to /proc/mtd, mtd3 is the NOR Ramdisk Root File System Image so I believe that's the mtd I should be overwritting.


<flashcp -v fsl-image-core-ls1021atwr.ext2.gz.u-boot /dev/mtd3> is the command I'm running to program the yocto generated ramdisk image, but u-boot says the ramdisk image doesn't have a valid checksum.


Is there a way to program a ramdisk image to flash with a valid checksum through a Linux application? How do I place data onto the NOR flash of the LS1021A-TWR?