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how to use adv7480 for TV-in function on i.mx6DL?

Question asked by Wally Yeh on Jan 29, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2016 by Wally Yeh

Hi, Guys:

   Our boss loves i.mx6DL, and decide to use it attach an adv7480 for HDMI-to-MIPI_CSI2 chip for TV-in function.

I read lots post and i.mx6DL Reference Manual, like:

Re: MIPI CSI-2 frame dump

Re: MIPI CSI and IPU questions

Re: imx6 mipi csi2 question


    Our product using SDK_3.0.35_4.1.0 and I have some question wanna to ask:

1.  in reference kernel/arch/arm/mach-mx6/board-mx6q_sabreauto.c, there are some device register calls:


imx6q_add_v4l2_capture(0, &capture_data[0]);

imx6q_add_v4l2_capture(1, &capture_data[1]);

since adv7480 is not a webcam, does I still need call imx6q_add_v4l2_capture()?


2.  I've merge the adv7480 driver into the kernel, and call mxc_iomux_set_gpr_register(13, 3, 3, 0); for configure IPU 0 , CSI-1, virtual channel 0.

and how does I grab some picture from IPU? I can't find some clues from the i.mx6DL Reference Manual. may I missed some thing?


3. imx6q_add_v4l2_capture() calls in board file had create two device node -- "/dev/video0" and "/dev/video1".

but when I want to access them, kernel will warning me "ERROR: v4l2 capture: slave not found!". does I need configure anything else?


    Any answer & suggestion would be appreciated, thanks for help.