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Is KSDK v2.0 the way forward?

Question asked by Adrian Rockall on Jan 29, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2016 by Michael Norman



I have been looking at the new KSDK v2.0. I am puzzled as it seems to be a huge leap backwards. Have MQX, MFS, HTTP server, FTP server, ..., etc. been dropped for ever? Will there be any PEx integration at some point?


Will KSDK v1.3 be updated to fix bugs?


I have invested huge amounts of time over the last year developing our new product with the KSDK + MQX and building a web server to control it, etc. believing it was going to be supported and get better but now it has all gone!


Can anyone at Freescale (if NXP hasn't already made you all redundant) shed any light on the future?


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