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Issue with flashing the program due to reset pin low on KL05Z32

Question asked by Suresh Jaggal on Jan 29, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2016 by Robin_Shen

Dear Folks,


The reset pin is connected to internal pull up according to the that datasheet.


The reset pin on my PCB measures 1.5 Volts, but  I am expecting 3.3v  due to which i can not Flash my microcontroller.


The reset pin measures 1.5v when connected with a 3k resistor and  2.5v when connected with 1k resistor  (Please find the resistor circuit in the attachment).


I can Flash my microcontroller when the reset pin measures 2.5v.



1) Why does the reset pin measure 1.5v when we have 3k resistor.


Best regards,

Suresh Jaggal