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Where does the MQX error "invalid task queue" come from?

Question asked by Jonathan Whyatt on Jan 28, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2016 by Jonathan Whyatt

Hi All,


has anyone seen/fixed this before?


Im using the kinetis k60dn512 with MQX 4.1.1


If running in the debugger (codewarrior 10.6) I occasionally see that the ide break as if at a breakpoint and there is errors in the MQX errors tab:


in the 'MQX Errors' tab I see:


Error: Unable to access task list


*Task Queues:

Task Queue address invalid 0x1ffff5fa8


and in the 'MQX Task Queues' tab in the task queues column:

Queue address invalid 0x1ffff5fa8


Doesnt appear to cause any runtime issues that ive noticed but sometihng isnt right.


Any ideas?