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Problems with KinetisUpdater and Boot_Loader apps on KW01

Question asked by Fabrice TOCCI on Jan 28, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2016 by Jorge_Gonzalez

Hi folks,


I would like to serial flash the program on my product based on KW01 module.


I was able to generate and flash with IAR+Ijet the bootlaoder program on KW01 flash memory.


Then I tried flashing apps with Boot_Loader.exe. It works well with .hex file that load code on the first 16bits memory area.

But if the code is larger and needs 32bits addressing, Boot_Loader.exe displayes and logs errors like this

/*****************************  FROM LOG FILE ******************

Current time is 28/01/2016 14:38:39

The s19 file is: C:\Data\Fabrice\Kinetis\KW01_IEEE_802_15_4\app\ieee_802_15_4\Critt_auto\Coordinator\mrb-kw01z128_twr-rf\mrb-kw01z128_twr-rf MQXLite\Exe\user_app_green_blink_Large.hex

Station 1 is trying to enter Boot mode

Error 1 times!

Error 2 times!

Error 3 times!



Is there a Boot_Loader.exe that supports 32bits addressing???


Then I tried to use KinetisUppdater.exe from FSL_Kinetis_Bootloader_1_2_0

The device (KW01 board) is USB enumerated but never connect with Kinetis_updater.

Can I use Kinetis_Updater.exe with BootLaoder V1.0?


I hope, someone could provide support or advices.