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ZTC-SetChannel.Request does not actually change the channel. How do I change the channel?

Question asked by freshmango90 on Jan 27, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2016 by freshmango90

My project is created by Freescale BeeKit -- project type: Other ZigBee Applications -> Black Box. Filled out whatever I wanted in the popup menu, and then exported to IAR.


At first, I only set it to one channel from the popup menu, so it's set to channel 15. Then after realizing that this channel is busy, I'd like to go back and set it to more channels so that I have the freedom to test more than one channel.


So I import it back into BeeKit, searched for channel, and chose channels 11-19. Just to be clear, this variable is: mDefaultValueOfChannel_c and value is: 0x000FF800


I verified the solution, BeeKit says success. So I export it back into IAR, reload it all, and download onto the hardware. I use Test Tool 12 to set the channels to 18 using "ZTC-SetChannel.Request", confirm says success (yay!) but just to verify, I click on "ZTC-GetChannel.Request," the confirm says channel 15.


Is that puzzling? Why would I get a success from set channel confirm, only to show that it did not even change? Also, how do I successfully make this work?


EDIT: Just in case, I tried to use ZTC-SetPanID.Request, and got the confirm success, and then when I do ZTC-GetPanID.Request, I got the desired results. So not sure why ZTC-SetChannel.Request doesn't do what I want it to do.