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Best way to encode OpenGL render to H264 video stream

Question asked by Colin Defais on Jan 27, 2016
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We need to encode the output of an OpenGL/OpenGL-ES application running on an IMX6 Quad to an h264 video stream. We would like to have the lowest latency possible with a 1280x480 resolution at 30fps.


I have found 2 threads likely speaking about this topic:


Those threads are speaking about using a virtual framebuffer (using the driver provided in the SDK) to render the OpenGL/OpenGL-ES application. But then we don't really understand how to read in this virtual framebuffer for encoding and, moreover, how to keep the OpenGL/OpenGL-ES application synchronized with the 30fps video encoding rate.


We would like to use the gstreamer framework if possible.


Which APIs should we use ? Is there somewhere some examples we could examine ?