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Sabre Smart Devices HDMI RPU

Question asked by Atilla Mete Turedi on Jan 27, 2016
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Regarding the pull-up resistors on the DDC pins, they should be pulled high with weak PU resistors, which is the case for the CEC and HPD on the Sabre for Smart Devices. However I2C lines are not pulled up externally. I assume there are internal resistors on these pins to pull the line high when not operating, which is according to the I2C bus specification. Why then the HPD or CEC lines cannot be pulled high internally? Are there no internal PU on the pins they are conencted (K1 and K2) ? If not, where can I see which pins have internal PU and which dont?


Also the HDMI specification 1.3a states Source SCL and SDA pins should  have minimum 1.5k and maximum 2.0k ohm pull ups while as sink SCL pull up should be 47k ohms and does not mention the SDA line. Is this compliant with IMX6? I am planning to use IMX as the transmitter to stream video on an LCD so I assume I have to comply with the source parameters that are 1.5k-2.0k gap. Is this satisfied with the internal pull ups in IMX?