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Lcd Density adjustment and missing navigation icons on navigation bar / systemui

Question asked by Bill Butler on Jan 27, 2016
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Mx6 - Kontron Board

Boundary Devices based on  boundary-kk4.4.2_1.0.0-ga / kk-nitrogen6x-20141007.img.gz

Screen Size 1280x800, 4.6", 320dpi


This is a follow up post related to Android MX6 Kitkat (4.4) Icon Size / Update Launcher but has veer off topic enough I thought I would start another thread.


I am trying to adjust the screen density on my device.


A little back ground.


Initially  lcd_density (LD) is set to 120 (“ro.sf.lcd_density=120”). At 120  LD android os appears believes my screen is over 12” and with only 720x1280 resolution.. results in ~100dpi screen  1280/12=100.   When checking (LPDI)..





This will give you:

0.75 - ldpi
1.0 - mdpi
1.5 - hdpi
2.0 - xhdpi
3.0 - xxhdpi
4.0 - xxxhdpi

enter image description here

Currently if we set the LD to anything greater than 190 then the Navigation bar(bottom bar) moves to right side but does NOT have nav buttons. I need to set LD to 320 to get Android os to agree that the screen is 320 dpi screen (return its a XHDPI  and NORMAL type (~4.6") screen.)


Here is an example


At this point there is no way to get back to home screen. (no hw buttons)

I need to find a solution to this problem.. Can anyone point me to what files needed to be changed to help

1) move Nave bar back to bottom


2) display navigation buttons back to middle of bar on right side. (home,back...)





Thanks for the help