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iMX6 SoloX SABRE board; programming and booting from QSPI ?

Question asked by Bruce Parker on Jan 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2016 by igorpadykov

Using the SABRE SoloX eval board.

U-boot 2015.04-imx (and 3.14 Linux though prob. doesn't matter)


What we want to do is verify we can program u-boot into the QSPI chip(s), move the boot switches around and verify the board will boot from the QSPI chip(s) on power cycle.

After reading multiple threads on forum it's still not clear to me exactly how to do this.


We have built u-boot from sources and booted from SD card. Also have built u-boot with QSPI2 config for hopefully programming into the QSPI.


From uboot, have used the:

sf probe 0:0

sf erase

sf write

commands and verified with oscope and sf read that it appears the QSPI is being written. But of course it does not boot when the switches are set to boot from QSPI. I have verified with switches changed the QSPI  is getting clock and chip selects on power cycle but doesn't boot. Only sends out about 6 CS cycles then stops.


After reading the QSPI Boot section in SoloX reference guide (section 8.6) I'm guessing we are missing the configuration header that goes at address 0x400 ?

Is that included in the uboot that gets built? If not, is there a tool that is used to build this configuration header information?

Once this configuration header is generated, does one just pre-pend it to the u-boot image and then load it at address 0x400?

Also, is there some canned QSPI u-boot image for this evaluation board available so we can verify the process of writing/booting the QSPI without worrying about our built image?


Thanks for any pointers/help.