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FMC tool relaunch error

Question asked by Dmitry Slezkin on Jan 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2016 by Yiping Wang



I'm trying to dynamically reconfigure PCD by using fmc tool where it's first launch looks like successfull (and my developed application works fine) but if I'm trying to re-use fmc, it returns the following errors:

ERR : Invocation of FMcpu8/8: ! MAJOR FM-PCD Error [CPU08, drivers/net/ethernet/freescale/fman/Peripherals/FM/Pcd/fm_kg.c:3003 FM_PCD_KgSchemeSet]: Resource Already Exists; _PCD_Disable for

cpu8/8: Scheme id (0)! fm0/pcd failed cpu8/8:

with error code cpu8/8: ! MINOR FM Error [CPU08, drivers/net/ethernet/freescale/fman/src/wrapper/lnxwrp_ioctls_fm.c:3274 LnxwrpFmPcdIOCTL]: Invalid Value; 0x00010013



cpu8/8: IOCTL FM PCDcpu8/8:

ERR : Invocation of FM_PCD_KgSchemeSet for fm1/port/MAC/1/dist/hash_ipsec_src_dst_spi_dist8 failed

ERR : Invocation of FM_PCD_Disable for fm0/pcd failed with error code 0x00010028


My target: T4240RDB,

SDK version: 1.8,

command sequence used:

cd /usr/etc

fmc -c usdpaa_config_t4_48g.xml -p usdpaa_policy_hash_ipv4.xml -a # it's ok

fmc -c usdpaa_config_t4_48g.xml -p usdpaa_policy_hash_ipv4.xml -a # same for example; fails with above errors


Is it wrong or the problem can be caused by some dts(dtb) errors, or something else?


Thank you!