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Using OpenSDA to flash the code to custom PCB with the same microcontroller as Eval board.

Question asked by Suresh Jaggal on Jan 25, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2016 by jeremyzhou

Dear Folks,


I am using OpenSDA to program the microcontroller on the other PCB. I am using FRDM-KL05Z evaluation board. The microcontoller on the custom PCB is KL05Z.   I have rightly connected the PCB with SWD connector on the Eval board.


When i try to program, i receive a error stating Microcontroller mismatch.

(Warning 17927. Target MCU mismatch. Download performance limited. See for information on debugging external processors.)

My questions are.

1) Is it possible to flash the custom pcb with same microcontroller.

2) The microcontroller on the eval board has 32 pins but the microcontroller on PCB has 48 pins ( Is it a issue). The code warrior does not distinguish between these two controllers , when we start a bare board project we only have KL05Z32 where in 32 stands for 32k flash but the pins it does not specify.