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[T1040D4RDB] "Error: No valid SPD detected" after a flash

Question asked by nicolaskury on Jan 25, 2016
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I flashed rcw, fman and uboot from bank0 (for bank 4) and then, when I switch to bank 4, I got this error


cpld reset altbank


Board: T1040D4RDB

Board rev: 0x01 CPLD ver: 0x09, vBank: 4

I2C:   ready

SPI:   ready

DRAM:  Initializing....using SPD

DIMM 0: is not a DDR4 SPD.

Error: No valid SPD detected.

*** failed ***

initcall sequence effc0b6c failed at call eff4d2d0 (err=1)

### ERROR ### Please RESET the board ###


The commands I used (from bank 0)


tftp 1000000 sdk1.8_default/rcw/RR_P_66/rcw_1400MHz.bin

protect off 0xec000000 +$filesize

erase 0xec000000 +$filesize

cp.b 1000000 0xec000000 $filesize

protect on  0xec000000 +$filesize


tftp 1000000 sdk1.8_default/fsl_fman_ucode_t1040_r1.0_107_4_2.bin

protect off 0xebf00000 +$filesize

erase 0xebf00000 +$filesize

cp.b 1000000 0xebf00000 $filesize

protect on 0xebf00000 +$filesize


tftp 1000000  sdk1.8_default/u-boot-T1040D4RDB.bin

protect off 0xebf40000 +$filesize

erase 0xebf40000 +$filesize

cp.b 1000000 0xebf40000 $filesize

protect on 0xebf40000 +$filesize


is there something I did wrong ?

Should I flash hv.bin and hv-2p-lnx-lnx.dtb ?



Thank you