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Compatibility of i.Mx6Q processor with Redpine wifi module RS9113 for SDIO interface

Question asked by M on Jan 25, 2016
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I;m using i.Mx6Q in my design with Wifi module RS9113-N00-D0N.

I want to interface these with SDIO signals.


As per the Datasheets the RS9113 has SDIO 2.0 interface, and i.Mx6Q has SDIO 3.0 interface (SDIO1 will be used).


My question is, are the two parts are compatible with each other ?


Is the SDIO 3.0 of i.Mx6 is backword compatible with SDIO 2.0 of RS9113 wifi module ?


Please reply ASAP.


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Nanjunda M