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LS1021A custom board programming with JTAG - CodeWarrior TAP

Question asked by Arun KR on Jan 25, 2016
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We are having a custom board based on LS1021A rev2.0 chip. The board is to be booted from QSPI only, no SD card support is there.

We are trying to program the chip using CodeWarrior TAP (Rev E) (Code Warrior Development Studio for QorIQ LS series - ARM V7 ISA- Version10.0.7). And we are facing issue.


The hard coded RCW in the LS1021A is not having QSPI support, but IFC NAND. So, with bareboard we are not able to load the custom RCW or uboot.

We tried to override the QSPI/IFC pinmuxing to enable QSPI, through JTAG, following some forum posts   (We are bringing up a new p3041 cpu board using Codewarrior Tap and can't get RCW override to work properly )  with the files LS102xAQDS_RCW_1000-400-1600.txt, LS102xATWR_RCW_1000-300-1600.txt etc in the directory "CodeWarrior_ARMv7_10.0.7/ARMv7/ARM_Support/Configuration_Files/jtag_chains/'  and we are getting error "Failed to correctly configure the JTAG chain" similar to the forum below: Failed to correctly configure the JTAG chain 


How to resolve this ? How to program the LS1021A chip with QSPI enabled on bareboard ?