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hc08 user mode

Question asked by Istvan Szekeres on Jan 24, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2016 by Istvan Szekeres

Hello boys and girls, and sorry for this boring question.

I have been trying 1-2 year with HC08GR8 and HC08QY4 controllers, and use custom built monitor circuits based on the Motorola/Freescale book circuits (factory pdf docs.) and it's working perfectly, except one thing.


I can't start these CPU-s in normal user mode.


1. Upload 1 simple code (led blinker) to flashrom. Offcourse it working perfectly from debugger software.

2. Setup the reset vectors to my code. (example:fffe:ee , ffff:00) (My code first instruction address: $ee00)

3. Connect/disconnect the required pins, followed reference books. (example: IRQ pin vTST disconnect, external osc disconnect, etc.)

4. Turned on the power and do nothing. (Original power is a 12v car battery, what is regulated to 5v with 7805 + 2 capac.)


This is the result with GR8 and QY4 both of them.


I was beginning to give up with this CPU-s, I do not understand why is it so hard, and why didn't describe this thing clearly in factory docs.


I did everything from GR8 and QY4 reference books 100%, but it's not working.


This forum is my last chance, please help me somebody.


Thank you very much to everyone. (My english is not perfect sorry.)