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mx28: pull up GPIO pin seems failed

Question asked by h k on Jan 24, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2016 by igorpadykov

Hi all,

     I come across a problem. I initialize the AUART2.RTS pin(Bank 3, ID 11), and enable it to be a output GPIO pin. At the same time, enable the pull up function. But when I read out the HW_PINCTRL_PULL3  register. I get all 0. The settings in others register like MUX, DOUT, DRIVE and DOE are quite normal.  I haven't modified the pinctrl.c file. It's original.


Why this happens?



.name  = "AUART2.RTS",   

.id    = PINID_AUART2_RTS,

.fun   = PIN_GPIO,       

.strength      = PAD_4MA,

.voltage       = PAD_3_3V,

.drive         = 1,      

.pullup        = 1,      

.pull          = 1,      

.output        = 1,      

.data          = 0,      



One more question, does the pull up function affect the GPIO's output? According to the MX28RM, it only disable the gate keeper.


Thanks in advance.