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imx6 duallite not able to reset the MT29PZZZ8D5BKFTF-18 W.95 single channel lpddr(1GB) 2 die

Question asked by swapnil tiwari on Jan 24, 2016
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i have developed a new board using imx6dual and using single channel 2 die micron chipMT29PZZZ8D5BKFTF-18 W.95 and

using trace32 to intialize the lpddr2 using the script provided by the freescale.But i am not able to reset the lpddr2.

what are the steps through which i can assure whether i am able to communicate with lpddr2 itself . Can you provide me

the command through which i can read the device id etc from the lpddr2 so to ensure that my communication is happening

or not.