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ASRC clocks

Question asked by John Tobias on Jan 22, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2016 by Wigros Sun

Hello Guys,


I created two different versions of a driver for akm codec. I used SSI2 (i2s-master mode) and the AUDMUX5 as the main interface of my board and the codec (slave).


My first driver  (based on SSI) was working correctly, it was playing audio on my speaker. But, on my second driver, I extended my previous driver and added the ASRC. The DAI LINK was showing correctly but when I play a wav file (tinyplay <wav> or tinyplay <wav> -d1) I did not hear any sound on my speaker. Then, I found out that only the STDO (imx6) has a data coming out, no BICK and FCK clocks.


I would like to know how to enable the clock for ASRC as a master mode?.


Btw, I am using android 5.x.