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MIPI Interface on iMX6Q

Question asked by Carlos Aguero on Jan 22, 2016
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I am trying to configure the iMX6 MIPI interface to use a source that provides MIPI in "non-continuous" clock mode. We have been able to use the iMX6Q with continuous clock mode using OV5640, OV5647, OV5648 video sensors, but now we have a sensor that can't be configured in continuous clock mode.



Could somebody please provide information about configuring the iMX6 in non-continuous clock mode for the iMX6?


Currently we found this thread at the community:


Previous link is about a question made to Freescale about the non-continuous clock mode, it states that it is supported but not implemented, also it indicates that there is no documentation on how to configure the iMX6 on non-continuous clock mode.



Could you please provide some documentation (if it exists) or hint on how to configure the iMX6 MIPI in non-continuous clock mode?



If there is no documentation about MIPI in non-continuous clock mode. Does this means that the iMX6Q MIPI has been used only in continuous clock mode?



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