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[MQX4.1] K20D50M Problem Exiting VLPR mode

Question asked by Hui Shao on Jan 22, 2016
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My board is based on MK20DX128VFM5 and powered my MQX4.1.1.


Testing low power mode using VLPR by following demo code from Freescale_MQX_4_1\mqx\examples\lowpower. What I can see is the current consumption is decreased by 20mA on entering VLPR mode. But I can't get it back to RUN mode by using MQX APIs in the demo code. Here are what I used:


enter VLPR:




_lpm_set_operation_mode (LPM_OPERATION_MODE_WAIT);


exit  VLPR:

_lpm_set_operation_mode (LPM_OPERATION_MODE_RUN);



THe code above crashed in API _lpm_set_clock_configuration(BSP_CLOCK_CONFIGURATION_DEFAULT), what is the reason for it?


How can I verify the ARM core is running at 4MHz?


Another question is, since my application enters VLPR mode immediately  after power on, the IAR used can't JTAG it to load a new code in because VLPR prevents from FLASH programming. Any solution to it?