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KDS 3.1 (with SDK 1.3) + IAR 7.40 + FRDM-KL43Z

Question asked by Andrey Gorelikov on Jan 22, 2016



I have tried to use Kinetis Design Studio (updated to v.3.1.0) with IAR Embedded Workbench IDE (Kickstart v.7.40) for board FRDM-KL43Z.


I tried follow the directions of Erich Styger in this tutorial:





1. File > New > Kinetis SDK 1.x Project;

2. Enter Project name > Next;

3. Select Board > Kinetis > FRDM-KL43Z > Next;

4. Check Processor Expert (with KSDK 1.3.0) > Next;

5. Select IAR ARM C Compiler > Finish.


KDS generated a project with ProjectInfo.xml for IAR.




1. Project > Create New Project;

2. Select Empty Project;

3. Enter Project name (in KDS project folder) > Save;

4. Project > Add Project Connection;

5. Select Freescale Processor Expert > OK;

6. Open (ProjectInfo.xml)


Setup for debug in IAR:


1. Project > Option > Debugger > Driver > PE micro (Run To Main is checked);

2. Project > PE micro > P&E Hardware interface type > OpenSDA-USB;




1. Click Download and Debug - Errors 0, Warnings 0.

2. Debuger starts, but program flow seemed in progress and didn't reach Main() as was expected;

3. When Break was clicked, program flow stops at line 162 in fsl_mcglite_hal.c ("return kMcgliteConst0;" in function uint32_t CLOCK_HAL_GetOutClk

(MCG_Type * base)). It seems clock system was not initialised correctly?.

4. Navigation keys of Debugger can't to move program flow from this point;  .


Where I made mistake?


Thanks in advance