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Where do the "default" Freescale / NXP *.board files come from?

Question asked by Rick Stuart on Jan 23, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2016 by jeremyzhou

In IAR Workbench, when the:


...check box is NOT checked, where does the "default" Freescale / NXP *.board file come from??


I ask because our PCB connects the Freescale NMI pin to a circuit to be controlled by the GPIO feature of the NMI pin.  However, there is no way to guarantee that circuit will "play nice" with the NMI pin before the application can turn off the NMI feature and turn on the GPIO feature.


So.... I have to turn OFF the NMI pin before the program even starts.  To do this I need to alter the *.board file.  (I have to do a few other things too because IAR was a bit skittish about letting ordinary souls change the NMI behavior - but that's beyond this question.)


I can probably use a copy of the *.board file I cobbled together 4 months ago, but I want to use a newest as possible copy of the *.board file.  So far, my guesses as to what the name of the "default" file have been fruitless.


FYI, I'm looking for a KL17 32K 32pin-QFN-package *.board file. It's most likely name is "FlashKLx732ROM.board".  But I haven't found that file in any of my Freescale directories.