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How do you prevent PEx from creating a KSDK virtual/linked folder?

Question asked by dave408 on Jan 22, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2016 by dave408

I have seen two modes for the KSDK defined in the .PE file.  One is standalone, while the other is linked.  In the standalone mode, the KSDK source is copied into the local project folder structure.  In the linked mode, the KSDK is referenced via virtual folders.  It looks like this results in the folder structure getting copied to the local project, but the actual source files are linked back to the installation folder for KSDK (c:\freescale\ksdk_1.2.0, for example).


I want to create a project that doesn't require the KSDK source files and links to precompiled libraries instead.  I have another post regarding compilation issues, but this post is specifically about PEx -- I do not want it to generate *any* KSDK-related folders in my project.  The problem I am having right now is that I can delete the KSDK virtual folder from my project, but as soon as I regenerate code, PEx recreates the folder structure.  This causes the compiler to rebuild the KSDK source, rather than link to my precompiled libraries.