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failed during ddr calibration

Question asked by Junsil Kim on Jan 22, 2016

Hi all.


I am using IMX6 solo lite our custom board based on the MCIMX6SLEVK Board.

Our board structure was used same MCU and LPDDR2 part of reference board.

  • our LPDDR2 part : MT42L256M32D2


Now I am having some problems on testing the DDR.


I have been trying to test calibration DDR2 on a DDR Test Tool with attached reference script file.

  • tool : ddr_stress_tester_v2.40
  • script :


But when I run DDR calibration, failed during ddr calibration on pc program.


Problem are as the below.

Message is "Error: failed during ddr calibration"


헤더 1




        DDR Stress Test (2.4.0)

        Build: Dec 11 2015, 11:13:44

        Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.





        Chip ID

CHIP ID = i.MX6 SoloLite (0x60)

Internal Revision = TO1.2





        Boot Configuration

SRC_SBMR1(0x020d8004) = 0x00002c40

SRC_SBMR2(0x020d801c) = 0x01000001




ARM Clock set to 1GHz




        DDR configuration

DDR type is LPDDR2 in 1-channel mode.

Data width: 32, bank num: 8

Row size: 14, col size: 10

Both chip select CSD0 and CSD1 are used 

Density per chip select: 512MB




Current Tempareture: 46




DDR Freq: 396 MHz



Note: Array result[] holds the DRAM test result of each byte. 

      0: test pass.  1: test fail 

      4 bits respresent the result of 1 byte.   

      result 0001:byte 0 fail.

      result 0011:byte 0, 1 fail.



Starting Read calibration...



ABS_OFFSET=0x00000000 result[00]=0x1111

ABS_OFFSET=0x04040404 result[01]=0x1111

ABS_OFFSET=0x08080808 result[02]=0x1111

ABS_OFFSET=0x0C0C0C0C result[03]=0x1111

ABS_OFFSET=0x10101010 result[04]=0x1111

ABS_OFFSET=0x14141414 result[05]=0x1111

ABS_OFFSET=0x18181818 result[06]=0x1111

ABS_OFFSET=0x1C1C1C1C result[07]=0x1111

ABS_OFFSET=0x20202020 result[08]=0x1111

ABS_OFFSET=0x24242424 result[09]=0x1111

ABS_OFFSET=0x28282828 result[0A]=0x1111

ABS_OFFSET=0x2C2C2C2C result[0B]=0x1111

ABS_OFFSET=0x30303030 result[0C]=0x1111

ABS_OFFSET=0x34343434 result[0D]=0x1111

ABS_OFFSET=0x38383838 result[0E]=0x1111

ABS_OFFSET=0x3C3C3C3C result[0F]=0x1111

ABS_OFFSET=0x40404040 result[10]=0x1111

ABS_OFFSET=0x44444444 result[11]=0x1111

ABS_OFFSET=0x48484848 result[12]=0x1111

ABS_OFFSET=0x4C4C4C4C result[13]=0x1111

ABS_OFFSET=0x50505050 result[14]=0x1111

ABS_OFFSET=0x54545454 result[15]=0x1111

ABS_OFFSET=0x58585858 result[16]=0x1111

ABS_OFFSET=0x5C5C5C5C result[17]=0x1111

ABS_OFFSET=0x60606060 result[18]=0x1111

ABS_OFFSET=0x64646464 result[19]=0x1111

ABS_OFFSET=0x68686868 result[1A]=0x1111

ABS_OFFSET=0x6C6C6C6C result[1B]=0x1111

ABS_OFFSET=0x70707070 result[1C]=0x1111

ABS_OFFSET=0x74747474 result[1D]=0x1111

ABS_OFFSET=0x78787878 result[1E]=0x1111

ABS_OFFSET=0x7C7C7C7C result[1F]=0x1111



ERROR FOUND, we can't get suitable value !!!!

dram test fails for all values.



Error: failed during ddr calibration


We don't know what's the problem.

Please, give us some checking point.


And another question is

1. We use MT42L256M32D2 for DDR2. But I'm doubtful that part. Is MT42L256M32D2 is a same part, such as reference SDRAM on an evaluation board?  (i.MX6 solo lite)

2. If the same part, What part or point do I need to check next?


Any pointers would be of great help.

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