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TWR-LCD board LCD controller

Question asked by yoramshacham on Jan 24, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2016 by Luis Casado

I'm trying to run the TWR-LCD board with the K65 device.

I've tried modifying the K60 tower demo to work with the K65, but so far with no success.


Looking into the K60 demo, I found a reference that mentioned it was running on TWR-LCDSTY board.

It seems that the TWR-LCDSTY was using Solomon-Systech SSD1289  SPI/Parallel LCD controller.


I can't find any reference to the TWR-LCDSTY board on Freescale/NXP product, and I assume it's obsolete by now.

Diving into the current TWR-LCD board schematics, I can't find the SSD1289 (or any other LCD controller).


Any idea how current TWR-LCD should be driven using SPI? which LCD controller is used?