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MCF54455 PCI Class Code Help Needed

Question asked by Michael Thorson on Jan 22, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2016 by Fang Li

We have a board that was made by a contract engineering house.  It is a PCI board powered by a MCF54455.  The PCI board will sometimes cause the PC to hang at the initial BIOS screen.


One thing that we have noticed is that the board is using PCI Class Code 0x08_8000 (System peripheral).  I am seeing the same on a Linux OS and on a Windows 7 OS.


According to the MCF54455 Reference Manual, Section Revision ID/Class Code Register (PCICCRIR)—PCI Dword 2:


Bits 31–8 = Class Code     This field is read-only and represents the PCI Class Code assigned to processor. Its value is: 0x06_8000. (Other bridge device).


PCICCRIR is not set anywhere in my project (and it is read-only), so I would assume it would take the chip default of 0x06_8000, but it is not.


Can anyone help me fix this?