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Why PowerPC need 'far' and 'near' but ARM don't?

Question asked by liu jinhang on Jan 21, 2016

We know that PowerPC and ARM are both 32 bits architecture, why PowerPC need 'far' and 'near' but ARM don't?

I used ARM, I never used 'far' and 'near' to tell compiler to distinguish the 24bits address or 32bits address.


I am using MPC5744 now. I put some global variables into an obsalute address in RAM.

variable A adress is 0x40000001;

variable B adress is 0x40040001;

when i copy A to B, I found my project become unsteady. but when i add the '-farcalls' in the compiler commands, it become steady.

So i feel it very strange.

Any body can help me find the reason?