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Using CodeWarrior QCVS Generate_Code in U-Boot

Question asked by Sina Sattari on Jan 21, 2016

I'm working on a custom board designed based upon LS1021ATWR board. In this modified board DDR3 DIMM modules are used whereas the LS1021ATWR uses DDR on-board chips.

I'm trying to modify the u-boot using QorIQ SDK ver 1.9 in order to support this modification. I'm comparing the u-boot code for ls1021atwr and ls1021aqds as a reference for my modifications.


I've used the CodeWarrior QCVS wizard and got the DIMM information by selecting "read from SPD" and it confirmed the read was successful and it generated the following files:

  • InitDdrRegisters_1.c
  • ls1021a_v2_0ds_ddr.c
  • ddrCtrl_1.tcl

I understand that the .tcl file is used for initializing the DDR/controller from CodeWarrior for debug purpose.


The questions that I have are:

  • Which of the two files I should use in my u-boot modifications to setup the DDR controller
  • Where should i place the content of these files in the u-boot source