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Kl25z doesn't wake up from LLS

Question asked by Rocco Rondinella on Jan 21, 2016


I'm doing an IoT project with the Kl25z freedom board, and I have a problem switching between power modes. I want to put the kl25z into LLS mode and wake it up with a pulse counting event from the LPTMR or a RTC clock alarm. I manage to put the kl25z to LLS but then it never wakes up. I tested the RTC and LPTMR ISRs and they work fine while the MCU is in Run mode. I'm using KDS and KDSK v1.2. I'm sourcing the RTC_CLKIN pin with a 32.768kHz lab function generator oscillator. Here goes the pictures of my PE configuration:

clock config:lls1.png



SIM config:lls2.png



SMC init config lls3.png


LLWU init config lls4.png


Also I attach my main.c and event.c files.





I have read a bunch of app notes and the mcu reference manual but they didn't help solving my problem.



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