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mxc_adv793x driver is registered but it's init function never called to enable adv739x display driver

Question asked by Ivan Ljubicic on Jan 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2017 by Vincent PRINCE



I am trying to use adv7391 chip for enabling mx6quad board to display tv out. But it seems that mxc_adv739x driver has problems with initializing display driver adv739x. It seems that driver adv739x is registered but not initialized. I need help because this is blocking problem on our project. Here are the messages from kernel:

[0.876410] mxc_adv739x 2-002b: adv739x_probe: rst-gpios flags(0 -> 2)
[0.881681] mxc_dispdrv_register adv739x driver registered             
[0.886302] mxc_dispdrv_register hdmi driver registered
[0.890898] mxc_dispdrv_gethandle hdmi driver gethandle
[0.894930] mxc_hdmi 20e0000.hdmi_video: Detected HDMI controller 0x13:0xa:0x
[0.901443] fbcvt: 1280x720@60: CVT Name - .921M9                     
[0.904928] mxc_dispdrv_gethandle hdmi driver found

Here is configuration of adv7391 I2C device:


adv7391: adv7391@2b {

        compatible = "fsl,mxc_adv739x";

        reg = <0x2b>;

        pinctrl-names = "default", "enable";

        pinctrl-0 = <&pinctrl_adv7391_off>;

        pinctrl-1 = <&pinctrl_adv7391>;

        rst-gpios = GP_ADV7391_RESET;

        default_ifmt = "BT656";

        ipu_id = <1>;

        disp_id = <1>;



here is configuration for display:


fb_lcd: fb@2 {

        compatible = "fsl,mxc_sdc_fb";

        disp_dev = "adv739x";

        interface_pix_fmt = "BT656";

        mode_str ="BT656-NTSC";

        default_bpp = <16>;

        int_clk = <0>;

        late_init = <0>;

        status = "okay";



I have looked the source of mxcfb_adv739x.c and there are printouts that should be visible in kernel messages if driver is initialized. I do not have any of this messages in kernel printout.


Please, can you tell me what I am doing wrong or it could be driver problem. If it is can I get patch that repair driver problem.


I am working with kernel version 3.14.28.


Thanks, regards, Ivan. !