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Trying to get patch in place for dfu-util

Question asked by Alexander Luijpen Employee on Jan 21, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2016 by gusarambula

For the NXP RoadLINK V2X project, I am working on a driver package which needs to run on the iMX6.

The driver consists of a number of components, including a firmware file (to be loaded via dfu-util), and a number of scripts to automate the loading via udev.

In my layer directory, I have a recipe-tools/dfu-util-saf5x00, with a .patch file in subdir filesTo patch dfu-util-0.7, I have created the following dfu-util_0.7.bbappend file:



SRC_URI_append_saf5x00 = "file://dfu-util-saf5x00-quirks.patch


When I run bitbake dfu-util, this recipe does not seem to get picked up, although other recipes in my layer work fine