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Auto power on in I.MX6Solo with PMIC (MMPF0100)

Question asked by Shichin Huang on Jan 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2016 by Shichin Huang

Hi ,

Our design need auto power on feature (without press power button) in I.MX6Solo with PMIC and also RTC coin battery apply to LICELL of PMIC (also apply to VDD_SNVS_IN of I.MX6Solo).

When I normally shut down system by press power icon of Linux and remove all power except RTC coin battery,system cannot auto power on when I apply power to PMIC next time.

I need press power button(connect to ONOFF pin of i.MX6Solo) then it can boot up. It seems PMIC_ON_REQ of i.MX6Solo deassert to PWRON pin of PMIC.

But if disconnect PMIC_ON_REQ from i.MX6Solo to PMIC,  PMIC will not power off when system normally shut down by press power icon of Linux.

Could some body help provide suggestion?