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i.MX6 Booting Process - Boot loader

Question asked by maheshkumarkodanda on Jan 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2016 by Artur Petukhov



I am working with a customized i.MX6 Quad-core processor board, and I've a working Boot loader from another i.MX6 Quad-core processor board.

-->This board2's Boot loader includes 'a part of U-Boot as first stage Boot loader' and 'customized second stage Boot loader' together.


When I try to use and load board2's Boot loader into Board1, I am getting an error when loading U-Boot and unable to load complete BL.

However, When I use Mfg tool to load U-boot into Board1, it works fine.


Now, As a beginner at Base software level, I'm trying to understand Booting process step by step:


When we have different external RAM and memory components in size from different boards 1 & 2:


1). As Boot ROM code is hard coded and HID is used to load Boot Loader software for my board

2). At assembly level I think code remain same because both the boards have same processor arch i.e., i.MX6 QC

3). DCD - Any idea on how Device Configuration Data varies from Board 1 to 2? If so what changes do you think?

4). Also please suggest where exactly can I look for changes in H/w and Boot loader S/w in order to make my board work?


Please ask if any further info is required, thanks in advance.