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RNG Job Descriptor to copy random number to system RAM

Question asked by fmajeric on Jan 21, 2016
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I read a resolved discussion about RNG Job Descriptor:

P4080 SEC4.0 Job Descriptor to copy random numbers to system RAM


I've the same need : generate a simple random number and store it at  the address 0x10000170 in RAM.


So I use the descriptor provided in the answer of the discussion:


### rnggen_1

[00] B0800006    jobhdr: stidx=0 len=6

[01] 12820004    ld: ccb1-datasz len=4 offs=0 imm

[02] 00000020    data:0x00000020

[03] 82500000    operation: cls1-op rng (SH0) generate random

[04] 60300020    fifostr: msg len=32

[05] 10000170    @ptr->@0x10000170


But when I load the Job Descriptor Base Address into the Input Job Ring Register,

I have no Random number at the address  @0x10000170...



... what is the problem with this descriptor ?

What I don't do well ?


Please, could you help me ?