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twr-k60d100 CAN demo under CW10.6 can not send

Question asked by fan xy on Jan 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2016 by Kerry Zhou

Hello everyone ,


I use TWR-K0D100m board , CW10.6

When run the demo "sci2can" under CW , it can work well .

While when i disable the Loopback :




/* loop back for single node: 0 -- no loopback, 1 -- loopback */


the send function can not send to another CAN node.

I do as this : first refer to the demo project "can_loopback_node" , use two TWR-K60 board refer to the readme,

one NODE  send , one recieve , the send MB have the data i send , while the receive MB of receive node can not receive data.

Then  i use one board with one can -usb connect to the pC , when I use pc send data , the can on board can receive , while

when the board send , the PC can not see the data , even thought the have not enter into send interrupt .I don't know why.

Could some one can test this demo on your side ? Thank !

And the attachment is the project i test the send  function to PC, it failed .


Thank very much !

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