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Fails to boot on i.MX6SL custom board. not working

Question asked by Junsil Kim on Jan 20, 2016
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Hi all.


I am using IMX6 solo lite our custom board based on the MCIMX6SLEVK Board.

MCU and LPDDR2 was used part of reference board below.

  • LPDDR2: MT42L256M32D2

Now I am having some problems on booting the processor.


I have been trying to get booting SD card on a our custom board.

But when I boot, my SD card isn't booting.

And e-Ink display doesn't work with no response.

Of course I was used release EVK SD Card and default DIP switches settings. (SD2)


Booting is not in progress, the results measured in the Signal SD2 Connector CMD & CLK Signal is not output after the output once after the power input.

(The same in the Board MCIMX6SLEVK was confirmed that the output is continuously measured.)


If you don’t mind, please answer below questions.


Q1. Booting error whether the reason is due to the difference between Version of the MCU?

Q2. To a boot should I any work on MCU or LPDDR2?

Q3. Is there a reason why this boot error is related to Impedance matching?

Q4. Is there any other reason, estimated to see the phenomenon? Or check to see if we have made?

Q5. If I want to use eMMC, do I need to do?


Any pointers would be of great help.