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Possible to set CONFIG_COMPAT with a 32-bit kernel ?

Question asked by Mathias Parnaudeau on Jan 20, 2016
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To activate some functions in the framebuffer code (that manages 64-bit physical addresses), I need to set CONFIG_COMPAT in the Linux config file. I use a bbappend recipe to set my own configs.

I know that with Yocto, when a config is set but dépendent configs don't appear in the config file, the target config is silently ignored. So I checked I had no undeclared dépendent configs. But in any cases, I never get CONFIG_COMPAT in my final computed .config file.


Is it really possible to activate CONFIG_COMPAT with a 32-bit kernel? I see nothing that forbids that, even if this config is mainly there for 64-bit kernels.

What can I do?


I use Yocto 1.6.1 with Linux 3.12 on a T1040RDB board.


Any ideas to solve this problem?