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Encryption with MPC560D

Question asked by Mike Pinto on Jan 20, 2016
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I am using MPC5602D for an automotive product which is an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) for HVAC control. I want to protect my device from reverse engineering. To clarify the requirement in detail,


1. Once the final binary is ready for manufacturing, it will be provided to the contract manufacturer (CM).

2. The CM will use standard tools (could be gang programmer or so) for flash programming the binary.

3. For future device upgradation, the binary will be provided to the support or service personal for upgrading the device.


Q. I want to protect the binary from illegal use at both the above levels. What are different ways to protect it?

Q. I tried understanding implementing different algorithms for this. To my knowledge, I understand that the MCU also needs some form of support like having hardware crypto acceleration unit etc for using complex algorithms. Does MPC5602D supports such complex algorithms?

Q. Can I build above said algorithms without using bootloader application? I am using JTAG interface for flash programming the binary.


Your earliest help in this regard will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.