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IMX6UL boot up sequence

Question asked by michael carrier on Jan 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2016 by michael carrier

We have a custom design based on the imx6ulevk. The hardware folks have even included the GPIO switches to tell the micro that it can boot from and SD card. We are having a bit of difficulty getting the board running. In reading the 6UL reference manual section 8 (system boot) the on board ROM will execute and read the GPIOs to determine the micro's boot device. If the switches are set correctly on our custom board then the micro should attempt to read an SD card. But, we are not seeing any activity on the SD clock line. In comparing the EVK to our design I can see SD clock activity diring the boot process. Our board, nothing. I have also noticed that our 24MHZ crystal does not appear to be running which is different than the EVK.


The question I have is this: when the 6UL is booting it is using an internal RC clock to run and does not need the 24 MHZ crystal, correct?